Colour Schemes


Colour Schemes

11 x 8 1/2


Top Left: Monochromatic (Blues)

Top Right: Analogous (Reds and Oranges)

Bottom Left: Complementary (Violet and Yellow)

Bottom Right: Triadic (Violet, Green, and Orange)

The process of this assignment was a bit of a tricky one. Picking my main focus was difficult going from various options until I finally decided on a pug. Next came choosing the colour schemes. I kept my “easier on the eye” colour schemes on the top, and the “harder on the eye” colour schemes on the bottom. Overall, the only time I had struggled with this assignment was choosing what images I wanted to use and choosing a theme to tie each quadrant together.

I ended up choosing a space theme. The top left has Earth, Saturn, and the moon. The top right, a space pirate. Bottom left, a king of the stars. The bottom right, UFO’s and aliens.


*This images includes free-use/copyright-free/Free Stock-photos/Photo’s used with the artists permission.


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