Personal Collage


Personal Collage

11 x 8 1/2


My collage includes 3 sections; The daytime, middle, and nighttime. The sunset half includes my daytime activities, interests, and hobbies. The galaxy half includes things I usually enjoy after school and into the night. The middle line includes things that I usually find in all aspects of my day. A lot of my collage has cartoons that I enjoy such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Osomatsu-san. The scribbles in the middle represent my anxieties that I experience everyday, no matter the time. The semi colon is a tattoo that I plan to get in the future, representing a sentence that could’ve ended , but didn’t. The Japanese symbol in the very middle means friendship, as my friends mean the world to me. I’ve also included some of my hobbies such as playing the piano, singing, writing, and photography.


*This images includes SOME free-use/copyright-free/Free Stock-photos/Photo’s used with the artists permission. Any others are my own.


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