One With Nature


One With Nature

11 x 8 ½


We can find peace in nature, but in order for nature to heal us, we need to heal nature. I look to nature for refuge when I’m stressed or need a break from my everyday life. So it pains me when I see how our laziness and greed has been destroying our planet.

I want this image to tell people to learn to appreciate nature because when we learn to appreciate nature, we are able to respect it more and take better care of it.

The artist that inspired this photo’s name is Renne Ho. She made a photo set series called Nature Wonder, which inspired my message. The photo set included images inspired by Alice In Wonderland, giving it a bit of a weird factor. One of the photos in the set included Renne hugging a tree, and the treed around her had Band-Aids around them. I used this concept in my own work by drawing Band-Aids and putting them on the trees in my image.

The Elements of design I used are Texture and Colour. I used a leaf texture to make it look as though I am literally becoming one with nature. I used a triadic colour scheme (Orange, Purple, and green) to make certain areas stand out with the green as the background and the orange as the focal point.

The principles of design used are Emphasis, movement, and proportion. I used emphasis on the orange rose, making it my focal point. The Band-Aids are directed in a way to move the viewer’s eyes around the photo. I used proportion by making myself larger than I realistically should be giving it distorted proportion.

The Principles of media arts that I used are Hybridization and Point of view. The hybridization used is a combination of photography and pencil drawing. The point of view in this image is my message of respecting nature, taking care of it, and how we can find peace in nature.

I believe the strengths of this photo are the use of multiple elements of principles of design and media arts.

The weakness of this photo is Unity. This is because of the Band-Aids. I’m not entirely familiar with the program Photoshop and hard a harder time blending things without colour in them.

I faced a couple of challenges while making this photo. First was choosing which flower(s) I wanted to use. Eventually I choose the orange rose because of its meaning. The orange rose symbolizes Desire, Enthusiasm, and Passion. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the message I’m trying to put forward, therefore, I found it to be a good fit. It also created a focal point with its colour and made my photo have a triadic colour scheme.

The next problem I faced was what to do with the flower. At first I wanted to use many flowers and use double exposure and have them on my face. By doing that, though, I wouldn’t have a distinct focal point, so I finally deiced to use one flower over my left eye.

My final challenge, which I don’t really believe I overcame was blending the Band-Aids.


*This images includes SOME free-use/copyright-free/Free Stock-photos/Photo’s used with the artists permission. Any others are my own.


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