11 x 17

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

The message I want to display is that, sometimes in life when we want to succeed or to ‘fly’ we need to give up something that is weighing us down. Like a toxic person in our life or things we want that we don’t really need.

I chose to address this theme because, going through my own life, I have had to let people go to move forward. All the time I see friends get pulled down by toxic individuals in their lives or by focusing too much on material items that they forget about their own potential.

What I want people to take away from this is to learn to let go. Let go of the people who are bringing you down to push themselves higher. Let go of the things you don’t need, set down that phone, get off the couch, and go do something that will make you happy and make you a better person.

I was inspired to make this piece by the people I see around me and my own experiences, as well as various artists that I saw the work of on Google images while trying to pick my quotation for this assignment.

The element of design I used is Value. I made the bottom of the image darker with the image of the water and the gradient tool, to emphasize that the water would be deep.

The principles of design I used are Balance, Emphasis and Rhythm. The image is balanced in a mostly symmetrical way, I used larger fonts to emphasize key words, and I used the same font on the non-focal words to create a pattern/rhythm.

The principle of media arts I used is, Conceptual Pont of view, as my message is stated above.

Some strengths in my artwork are my use of emphasis on key words, and my conceptual point of view, as I feel as though I was able to get my message across in the piece.

Some weaknesses in my artwork are my lack of colour. I didn’t really make a colour scheme here (although it could maybe be counted as monochromatic blue, but I feel like the white clouds are too overpowering to be calling it monochromatic).

A challenge I faced while creating this piece was choosing the right fonts. I’m still not sure if I did well with my font choice. Illustrator is also a new program to me, so this is my first time using it, and I spent a lot of my time experimenting.


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