In this image, I’ve chosen to focus on the while lines that are on the widow and the window itself. The outer-most beams and flags lead your eye to the lines on the window and the window.


In this image, my main subject is the shadowy figure at the end of the hallway. I’ve used the lines of the windows and the lines on the ceiling to lead the viewer’s eye towards the shadow. I’ve placed the shadow within the rule of thirds (Top right) to make it more interesting. The reason I’ve chosen to keep the image unfocused and blurry is to get the reader to really question what’s going on, using their imagination to capture in their own minds what is really happening. This keeps the viewer captivated in the image for a longer period of time, and gets them thinking about it longer, making it more memorable.

The viewer may ask questions such as, Who or what is the shadow supposed to be or represent (not necessarily in real life, but what it symbolically represents or what it’s supposed to be). They may also wonder why the point of view of the viewer is blurry and low to the ground. Are the injured and crawling toward the dark figure (and why  would they be doing this), or maybe they’re young, hard of seeing, and have lost their glasses. For all we know, this scene could depict a bully who’s taken the glasses from the viewer, symbolically meaning how bullying can make you feel helpless or afraid as if you cannot see well or the future is hard to see because you feel useless from the way a bully may make you feel. The possibilities are endless. 


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