Culminating: Artist Inspiration

An artist, or rather a clothing company, has inspired me during my culminating project. The company is called The Discriminant. It’s a trendy and affordable online store based in New York. They focus on quality of service and products rather than gender and gender norms. They provide a variety of items sold without label restrictions because they don’t believe in putting boundaries to self-expression.

The Discriminant has inspired my project by giving me outfit ideas for my three outfits (male, female, and androgynous) that I will be making. They also share the same point of view as me, as we see clothes without genders. Label followed by their stereotypes are restricting and by removing them, we can all be free to express ourselves in which ever way we want, and the way that makes us happy, instead of focusing on what others expect of us.

You can find there website here:

Here are examples of some of their many clothing items available:



“Raise boys and girls the same way”









“Everything will be ok”


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