Welcome to my art blog! My name is Matt and I started this blog through my grade 11 (Semester 1) media arts class and worked on it though my grade 12 class (semester 2 same year) as well at my local high school with intentions to continue it forward even after these courses are completed. I also will be including my own personal projects over time.

I’ve enjoyed photography every since I was a child, taking pictures with any camera I could find; phones, iPods, and old, poor quality cameras, until I was finally gifted with a good quality camera about 2 years ago. Ever since, I haven’t stopped taking pictures. I like to photograph the natural beauty of things; trees, sunsets, plants, animals, and sometimes people if I get the chance.

I also have a passion for music and find myself almost always including it in my life. If I’m not blasting it at home, or listening with my headphones, there’s always a tune playing along in my head. I’m a mostly self-taught musician. I play the piano, saxophone and sing, and I’m currently in the midst of teaching myself guitar and violin.