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Laptop Skin Design: Sketch


This sketch is of the background. I have it split up into 5 sections, inspired by a frame from the Netflix Original series: Voltron Legendary Defenders. The top left having fire, bottom left water, middle space, bottom left sunshine, top left earthy.

These sections give a small insight to their respective character’s personality and main ability.

Cats Sketch

I sketched cat head versions of the shows 5 main characters, which will be placed where the circles are in my sketch of the background.


Culminating Process

Fem Sketch
Feminine Outfit Sketch
Feminine Outfit Finished Product
Masc Sketch
Masculine Outfit Sketch
Masculine Outfit Completed
Andro sketch
Androgynous Outfit Sketch
Androgynous Outfit Completed

Black + White Portrait Step 1 – Sketch


A classmate took a photo of me, using side lighting to make use of positive and negative space for a dramatic look. I then traced the photo and made apparent which places were going to be black and which were to be white.

I don’t like how this looks , but it’s the foundation for my final product and only be beginning.

If I were to change anything, I’d make sure to get rid of lines I won’t be using before I ink it.

Note: Other steps are to follow in my next posts !

MCR Google Doodle Animation


MCR Google Doodle

800 x 50 ppi


This gif was made to represent the celebration of the band My Chemical Romance, a band that broke up in 2013, and has had an influence in my life positively. Each letter in the Google Animation is a representation of each of their albums.

A strength in this animation is that I was able to make it make sense, by making each letter a representation of each of their albums.

The weaknesses in my animation are that it doesn’t flow smoothly and it’s a bit messy. I do not excel by any means when it comes to drawing, on or off the computer, which definitely held me back in how well this animation could’ve come out.