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Culminating: Finished Product


Tools/Materials Used: Adobe Illustrator, Gel Matte, Stencils, Acrylic Paint, Lazer Printer

Principles of Media Art: Point of view, Hybridization, Interactivity

I had fun making this assignment, although it didn’t turn out the best I learned a lot about the program Adobe Illustrator and about making things with my hands. It’s a lot of work and I definitely need more practice but I’m glad for this experience.

I think the best part of this final product is the point of view. The message I’m trying to send is very prominent, as the title is “Genderless Dress Up”. I was to promote the fact that anyone should be able to wear whatever they want to express themselves however they please no matter their gender, sexual-orientation, race, etc.

The interactive portion of this is that the viewer is able to move around each piece and rearrange the clothing, head, and shoes of each person.

Hybridization is shown here through using different mediums to create a finished product. I made the clothes, heads, and shoes on Adobe Illustrator, which the other aspect where made with paint and cardboard.

If I could do this assignment again, I’d be sure to give myself more time. I’d also make it so the dividers between the movable pieces have some way to connect each piece and to have the head not move. I’d also take more time to design the actual title and edges to make it more visually pleasing.


Black + White Portrait Step 2: Geometric

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.43.47 AM

For step 2, I took a picture of my sketch and uploaded it to Adobe Illustrator. Then I used the pen tool as well as layers, to outline my design to later smooth out.

In some ways I enjoy this piece more than my finished product and at first I didn’t want to change it. I think the geometric look is pleasing and interesting to look at. It’s cool in a way that makes the subject look more cartoonish.

I didn’t really face much of a challenge at this stage. It was very straightforward and easy to do, since we were only using one tool, outlining something that had already been made.

Motivational Bible Quote Poster

Motivational Bible Quote Poster.png

There is Hope

17 x 11

Adobe Illustrator


“You have a purpose. Things will get better.”

“For I know the plans for you” declares the LORD. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and future” – Jeremiah 29:11

I hope that this piece reaches out to those who feel they aren’t good enough, who feel like nothing never goes right, who feel like everything is wrong, those who feel helpless and scared. Things will get better.

Although normally I wouldn’t quote the Bible, I feel like this passage gets the point across especially to those who are religious (And well, it was part of the assignment to quote the Bible)

I’m not too proud with how this image turned out. I feel like it was rushed and I’m not used to the program we had to make it on, Adobe Illustrator.

A challenge I faced while making this was while converting the file to anything other than an adobe illustrator file, it removed my quotation marks. I tried many things but no matter what i did, Saving it as a PDF, moving it to photoshop, saving it as a png, saving it as a jpg and jpeg, I even tried an online converter, and it didn’t work. So unfortunately, my piece doesn’t have any quotations due to conversion complications (needless to say, I’m a bit upset about that).

The things I like about my piece and what turned out well was my choice in quotes. I will definitely be needing more practice on illustrator before I produce something decent with that program.


*This images includes SOME free-use/copyright-free/Free Stock-photos/Photo’s used with the artists permission. Any others are my own.




11 x 17

Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

The message I want to display is that, sometimes in life when we want to succeed or to ‘fly’ we need to give up something that is weighing us down. Like a toxic person in our life or things we want that we don’t really need.

I chose to address this theme because, going through my own life, I have had to let people go to move forward. All the time I see friends get pulled down by toxic individuals in their lives or by focusing too much on material items that they forget about their own potential.

What I want people to take away from this is to learn to let go. Let go of the people who are bringing you down to push themselves higher. Let go of the things you don’t need, set down that phone, get off the couch, and go do something that will make you happy and make you a better person.

I was inspired to make this piece by the people I see around me and my own experiences, as well as various artists that I saw the work of on Google images while trying to pick my quotation for this assignment.

The element of design I used is Value. I made the bottom of the image darker with the image of the water and the gradient tool, to emphasize that the water would be deep.

The principles of design I used are Balance, Emphasis and Rhythm. The image is balanced in a mostly symmetrical way, I used larger fonts to emphasize key words, and I used the same font on the non-focal words to create a pattern/rhythm.

The principle of media arts I used is, Conceptual Pont of view, as my message is stated above.

Some strengths in my artwork are my use of emphasis on key words, and my conceptual point of view, as I feel as though I was able to get my message across in the piece.

Some weaknesses in my artwork are my lack of colour. I didn’t really make a colour scheme here (although it could maybe be counted as monochromatic blue, but I feel like the white clouds are too overpowering to be calling it monochromatic).

A challenge I faced while creating this piece was choosing the right fonts. I’m still not sure if I did well with my font choice. Illustrator is also a new program to me, so this is my first time using it, and I spent a lot of my time experimenting.

Typography Tasks: Intro to Adobe Illustrator


Task 1: Choose 5 adjectives. Select a fill, stroke, colour, typeface, and size for each word that connects to it’s meaning. Arrange them so the art board looks full and balanced.


Task 2: Write your name 5 times using the vertical type tool, and the type on path tool. Create outlines for your letters and ungroup them to adjust and rote each letter in an interesting way. Add extra anchor points to fine-tune your adjustments.


Task 3: Handwrite/print a word 5 times using different options in the brush tool. Experiments with width profile, stroke weight, stroke colour, and opacity.


Task 4: Write a quote and create different fills using gradient and swatch tools.

correia-typeface-task-5Task 5: Choose a word. Adjust the anchor points of the letters so that it looks like what the word is depicting.