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Panther Poster

Panther Poster - Matt Correia.png

Panther Poster

17 x 11


This assignment was to make a poster showing our school mascot panther setting a good example for using the web. Our piece needed to include a picture of the panther, and text following the template: “This is panther, Panther…{good example of using the internet}… Be like panther.”

I made this fairly quickly. I’m not a huge fan with how it turned out, but it met the requirements and I completed the assignment. If I could do it again, I’d take more time with how I took the photo. I also would’ve photoshopped in a Facebook feed onto the computer screen instead of just having the login page. I also would’ve directed my subject more to lower the panther head, since it looks like the person inside the suit is looking at the screen rather than the panther.