We all have different experiences everyday, simple or not, we’re constantly experiencing the changing world around us. My own experiences are what makes my art. I go for a walk; I take pictures, I have a sad day; I may write a poem. My different experiences fuel my emotions which I then express through the art I’m currently creating or may inspire me to make new art.

Past experiences can also be inspirations for my art. Positive or negative, they create ideas and/or messages that I want to get across. If I’m passionate enough about the subject that occurred in the past (in the present as well), I usually want to get my message across and my voice heard. That could be a call for justice, or awareness on any certain subject.

A good example would be: I have memories as a child running around in a field by my home, and then now-a-days I see forests and lands being flattened to make houses that most can’t even afford. That was one of my motivations to create my Hybrid Self-Portrait: One With Nature. I was inspired by my past experience (as well as nature) to create a piece (although an assignment) that expressed my concern.